eduard christian dumitrescu

I am a theoretical physics MSc student at uOttawa, and I am a member of Jacob Krich's research group.

I may be contacted at by email, or at by jabber.


academics Class notes and related work.
hydra Fossil multi-user multi-project multiplexer. It's like github but for fossil.
for_your_eyes_only A (hopefully) Van Eck phreaking resistant text and image viewer.

More projects on my hydra instance.

suggested software


My public key is 677372A768A1A63E if you're into PGP. In fact, this whole page is PGP-signed here. If you got here by scanning the QR code on my business card, you'll notice that my key fingerprint is actually embedded in the URL.

My OTR fingerprint is 0F7FC841 E4E493A6 3FAEC0C9 436542C1 BE7E8D9F.