eduard christian dumitrescu

I am a theoretical condensed matter physics MSc student at uOttawa, and I am a member of Jacob Krich's research group.

I may be contacted at by email, or at by matrix.


simudo Simudo is a drift-diffusion semiconductor device simulator with optics (github). I wrote most of it. Here's the paper introducing it. Here's my MSc thesis which also contains a detailed and gentle introduction to semiconductor device modeling and to the finite element method (Chapters 2—4), as well as a description of the failed attempts before arriving at the working drift-diffusion formulation used in Simudo (Chapter 6).
vc-workshop UNIX shell and version control workshop docs (appropriate for self-study as well).
academics Class notes and related work.
hydra Fossil multi-user multi-project multiplexer. It's like github but for fossil.
usbsos Debian GNU+Linux live image for remote administration for helping out non-technical users.
for-your-eyes-only A (hopefully) Van Eck phreaking resistant text and image viewer.

More projects on my hydra instance.

suggested software


My public key is 677372A768A1A63E if you're into PGP. In fact, this whole page is PGP-signed here. If you got here by scanning the QR code on my business card, you'll notice that my key fingerprint is actually embedded in the URL.

My Matrix keys and accounts are as follows (as of 2019-09-07):

ecd, desktop, RZGSHBOGSC, eoT9 lw2m ugCc jDbe 2oyP OZDk Wcme xS0i cDh5 uW+v ssI
ecd, mobile , AELDGIFKNG, SvRN cOFk 0mQM Mkxw y/yk 5yLf LLK9 7djV Nuk4 u00S BvM
eig, desktop, MKFVJHFBWQ, hOCk z8G1 zPhR 12yx H4TC mOnn frWP o+Lj 0dmM oir4 ziU
eig, mobile , MJCNDPKKAG, AluI 9i5/ Z/Xy jG+3 7oac 4Bre pMWx SLt0 /Cxh m0Yb GVU